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Marc Gerber

(Guitar, Drobo and lapsteel)


Marc picked up his first electric guitar in 1988. First band experiences with Miracle and 1992 first CD "Girls qui doivent". In 1999 Marc debuted his first album "Montag" and he now works with the band Albanello, who also produced a CD "Home Brew".

2000 - 2009 are exciting musical years for Marc. He starts to tour with Reto Burell. In 2005 a new CD of Wild Cards "Hot Gambling" is released. Marc is invited to the first Rock and Blues Cruise to play with the well-known bluesman Philipp Fankhauser.

As a popular session musician he contributed to Rolf Luginbuehl's CD "Songs und Geschichten Vol.1".

Marc's real breakthrough comes in 2010, where he shares the stages with Swiss dialect rocker Polo Hofer in his band on the “Prototype Tour”. Marc has been a regular member of the live band Hellbound Train of David Waddell for years, on whose productions he regularly appears with guitar, lap steel guitar and mandolin. No question that this outstanding musician is responsible for the groovy guitar sound on Claudia Zimmermann's new CD "Truly Country".

Marc lives in Bern.

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