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The Songs

The songs and what they mean to me

The Mighty Mississippi

Memories of a childhood sweetheart - the full size of Mississippi in a beautiful song.

Smokey Mountain Rain

Nostalgic feelings awaken when the journey through the mountains is accompanied by the melodic sounds of the rain. Nothing is the same as before, but at some point the sun will shine again.

The Lady and the Outlaw

David and I share this story together - an invitation to the Far West.

High Hopes

We have a dream - we live our dream. Nevertheless, there remains a void and yearning for a simple life, where nothing matters but to be with one's loved ones.

Talk of the Town

Do you hear her whisper when we passed? Let people talk, we know what we do ...

Holiday Romeo

Again and again during the holidays, it is easy to forget about yourself and to experience the butterfly feelings, even if they survive only one night. What remains is a souvenir of unexpected dreams.

Long Way to Heaven

The story of golden and black times, where at some point a light emerges that shows you the way to joy.

Married the Roadie

My husband and faithful companion Graham now and then finds himself amazed that he is married to the singer. Conversely, it also works ... a story, almost like in real life.

Last Minute Lucy

If a song suits me, then this one. Always on the last push - but with much joy and feeling! A song by David, tailormade for me.

The Greatest Love of All Duet with David Waddell

True friendship is barely distinguishable from true love - a duet with David Waddell that encourages hard times.

True Country

It does not matter what you are experiencing right now. What matters is always to stay true to yourself ...

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