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Swiss country music singer Claudia has enchanted thousands over the years whether performing at one of over 900 concerts or as Country Music host on her weekly programmes on Radio Wil (SG), and Radio Framboise (VD).

As well as her albums ​"Just Country" and ”Country Line" (produced by country heavyweight John Brack, with Jeff Turner, Uwe Krüger and Joni Pettitt), “With a Touch of Bluegrass" and more recently as leader of Bluebird Country Music Band, she continues to touch her country public. Other ventures include jazz and member and soloist in a regional Gospel choir for more than 10 years.

 “Truly Country”, is her most satisfying work, produced by Texan musician singer/songwriter David Waddell, features songs especially written by David including three 3 new duets performed by Claudia & David.

Recorded in Bern (Switzerland) and Konstanz (Germany), it has been mixed in the Nashville (USA) and mastered in Konstanz with songs and designed to bring out the very best of her earthy vocals. This is a glowing testament to her 35 years on stage.

Claudia lives in the French speaking part of Switzerland.

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