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Mark Wise

(vocals and guitar)

Born in Hollywood, the son of a Walt Disney illustrator and raised in Los Angeles. He moved to San Francisco in the late 1960s, where he wrote and recorded his songs for 20 years for the likes of The Grateful Dead and other music legends.His CD ' Old Age Music ' includes America's busiest mandolin virtuoso David Grisman and jazz saxophonist Larry Schneider (mentioned in the USA in the same breath as D. Sanborn or Gr. Washington).He has worked with Blues man Hary De Ville and Richard Dobson, and is a founding member of David Waddell & Hellbound Train. In the last twelve years, with Waddell’s International touring band, they have released five records.His other band, the WISE DIETKRON BAND, have just released a new album titled "Home".

Mark now lives in Germany.  

​Visit his website here.

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